RE-KINECT Study Results: Physical Wellness and Social Functioning Impact

In a real-world study of possible patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD) treated with antipsychotics, researchers aimed to understand its impact on patient health and social functioning. Cohort 1 consisted of patients who did not have abnormal involuntary movements and Cohort 2 included patients with possible TD per judgement from a clinician. In patients who were in Cohort 2 and aware of their movement abnormalities, patient-rated TD impact was associated considerably with EQ-5d-5L utility. EQ-5D-5L utility was also considerably linked to patient-rated severity. It was found that both subjective ratings and standardized instruments used were consistent in the effect possible TD had on patients.

Reference: Tanner CM, Caroff SN, Cutler AJ, et al. Impact of possible tardive dyskinesia on physical wellness and social functioning: results from the real-world RE-KINECT study. J Patient Rep Outcomes. 2023;7(1):21. doi:10.1186/s41687-023-00551-5

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