Evaluating the Susceptibility to Tardive Dyskinesia in Patients With Schizophrenia

In a study involving 216 patients with schizophrenia, researchers investigated the link between polymorphisms in oxidative stress-related genes and adenosine receptor gene with tardive dyskinesia (TD) occurrence and cognitive impairments. Patients were separated into two groups: TD group (n=157) and non-TD group (n=59). The extraction of DNA was completed by using a high-salt method, as well as SNP genotyping. The Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale, Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, and Repeated Battery for Assessment of Neuropsychological Status were used to measure TD severity, psychopathology, and cognitive functioning. In this group of patients, it was found that the interaction of oxidative stress-related genes and adenosine receptor gene might contribute to TD susceptibility and severity.

Reference: Jiang Q, Zhang X, Lu X, et al. Genetic Susceptibility to Tardive Dyskinesia and Cognitive Impairments in Chinese Han Schizophrenia: Role of Oxidative Stress-Related and Adenosine Receptor Genes. Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2023;19:2499-2509. doi:10.2147/NDT.S427557

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