Development of the Impact-TD Scale to Evaluate the Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia

A consensus panel aimed to develop the Impact-TD scale to evaluate the effect of TD on the daily functioning of patients in the practice setting. The panel included seven people who had been on a prior panel who established recommendations on the importance of ideal evaluation of the functional effect of TD. The panel prior had also developed a narrative literature review summarizing present methods in evaluating the effect of TD both in clinical research and practice. In the development of the Impact-TD scale, the panel deliberated its main elements to be able to explain the detailed impact of TD symptoms where there may be difficulty to patients. The panel came up with four functional domains being social, psychological/psychiatric, physical, and vocational/educational/recreational.

Reference: Jackson R, Brams MN, Carlozzi NE, et al. Impact-Tardive Dyskinesia (Impact-TD) Scale: A Clinical Tool to Assess the Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia. J Clin Psychiatry. 2022;84(1):22cs14563. doi:10.4088/JCP.22cs14563

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