Understanding Tardive Dyskinesia: Six Things People With the Condition Want You to Know

This article identifies six key points that people with tardive dyskinesia, a side effect of antipsychotic medications that causes repetitive and involuntary movements, primarily in the facial and mouth muscles, want others to know:

  1. Individuals with tardive dyskinesia often have a constant awareness of their symptoms
  2. Stress can worsen the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia
  3. Everyday activities can be difficult for individuals with tardive dyskinesia
  4. Tardive dyskinesia can affect individuals’ ability to work and be social
  5. Many people with tardive dyskinesia live with uncertainty about their health and financial well-being
  6. Living with a chronic condition like tardive dyskinesia can take a toll on emotional health

Reference: 6 Things People With Tardive Dyskinesia Want You to Know. Everyday Health. Published July 9, 2018. Accessed June 5, 2023. https://www.everydayhealth.com/hs/neurology/what-its-like-have-tardive-dyskinesia/.

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