Survey Shows Tardive Dyskinesia Severely Impacts Quality of Life Across Multiple Domains

In a study, 269 patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD) were surveyed to evaluate the disorder’s impact on their quality of life. The findings revealed that most patients experienced moderate-to-severe physical challenges due to TD, including difficulties with speaking, eating, and sleeping. Psychologically, patients felt embarrassed and anxious, leading to social withdrawal. Socially, TD impacted patients’ relationships and increased stigma. Professionally, it led to significant work impairment and hindered career progress.

The study emphasizes that TD’s effects are diverse and profound, influencing more than just motor functions and significantly reducing patients’ overall wellbeing and daily life.

Reference: Neporent L. How Tardive Dyskinesia Impacts Patients Using Antipsychotics. Updated August 22, 2023. Accessed November 8, 2023.

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