Study Finds Patients With Tardive Dyskinesia Report Greater Impact on Quality of Life Than Healthcare Providers

A study presented at the International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders World Congress found that patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD) perceive a greater impact on their quality of life compared with healthcare providers. The respondents rated the extent of TD’s impact across psychological/emotional, physical, professional, and social domains using a 10-point Likert scale.

The results showed that patients and providers both reported the psychological/emotional domain as the most impacted by TD. Patients also reported a greater impact on the physical domain compared with providers. In terms of the professional domain, patients reported a significantly higher impact across all eight subdomains, particularly in interactions at work/school and the ability to perform tasks independently. Overall, patients reported a greater impact of TD across all domains vs providers.

Reference: Perceived impact of tardive dyskinesia differs among patients, health care professionals. Healio. Updated May 17, 2023. Accessed July 6, 2023.

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