Researchers Evaluate the Physical, Psychological, and Social Burden of TD

In a poster presented at Psych Congress 2021 in San Antonio, Texas, researchers looked to evaluate the impact that tardive dyskinesia (TD) has on both patients and caregivers socially, physically, and psychologically. Through targeted literature and interviews with patients, clinicians, and caregivers, surveys were created to evaluate both experiences and concerns of patients. Approximately 75% of patients with TD who were surveyed and 82% of caregivers who were surveyed reported a severe impact on patients among all domains. Speaking, sleeping, and eating were the greatest physical impacts of TD that were reported by patients. The below article dives deeper into the results of this study, also stating the impact that TD has on underlying conditions based on the survey results.

Reference: Thistle M. Tardive Dyskinesia Creates Physical, Psychological, and Social Burden. Psych Congress Network. Published November 12, 2021. Accessed February 28, 2023.

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