IMPACT-TD Scale Launched for Comprehensive Evaluation of Tardive Dyskinesia in Daily Life

In an announcement, Teva Pharmaceuticals released the IMPACT-TD Scale, a clinician-rated tool designed to help health professionals gauge the effect of tardive dyskinesia (TD) on a patient’s daily life. The scale breaks down TD symptoms into various functional areas including social, psychological, physical, and vocational aspects, gathering information from patients, family, caregivers, and providers, offering a well-rounded view of TD’s influence. While most evaluations focus on TD movement severity, this scale offers a deeper understanding of a patient’s condition. Teva’s chief medical officer, Eric Hughes, MD, PhD, emphasized their commitment to improving TD treatment, not just through medications but also by backing initiatives like the IMPACT-TD Scale.

Reference: Kuntz L. New Tool for Assessing the Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia. Psychiatric Times. Published February 23, 2023. Accessed August 8, 2023.

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