Accurately Diagnosing Tardive Dyskinesia

Misdiagnosing tardive dyskinesia (TD) can be very harmful to patients and their caregivers. Investigators aimed to assist in the identification and differentiation of TD in the psychiatric practice space through reviewing clinical features and movement phenomenology of the disorder in addition to looking into other movement disorders that are caused by antipsychotics, with associated links to videos. Challenges in diagnosing TD are abnormal behaviors and dyskinesias that are connected to older age, chronic mental illness, and other movement disorders that are related to dopamine receptor blocking agents. Acute drug-induced syndromes may be able to be ruled out in diagnosis due to duration of exposure. TD may also present in conjunction with other drug-induced movement disorders, also complicating management and diagnosis.

Reference: Hauser RA, Meyer JM, Factor SA, et al. Differentiating tardive dyskinesia: a video-based review of antipsychotic-induced movement disorders in clinical practice. CNS Spectr. 2022;27(2):208-217. doi:10.1017/S109285292000200X

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